20s isn't just an age of exploration. It's a phase of life that defines how we must adopt certain, let go of certain, work hard on certain and believe in certain. And that shapes us and the life that, We Create.

1) Don't get married until at least 28.
Till 18 you were taken care of by your parents. At least give yourself 10 years to figure out stuff.

2) Experience is not the best teacher.
If you think you have a solid idea and want to undertake or present it, do it. Others will always underestimate you for your age. Don't let that happen. Present, Learn, Listen, Grow. Present what you want AND then better it by others experience. But don't wait to be accepted by everyone to do what you want to.

3) Communicate with your relatives.
Don't get dragged but at least don't aloof yourself from them. Every relation is precious and bound by emotion. Don't distant. It's a solution to solve disputes. It's powerful and this is how.

4) Ego is not good, nor too bad.
So you must have heard as to why its bad. So the good parts of Ego? Well, competitiveness. Skill to use ego to personal growth without undermining others is one of the coolest.

5) Fall In Real Love, Break up, Fall In Real Real Love or Just Don't.
Know that relationships are cute, need nurture and sometimes, not happening.

6) Get it in your regime to go for Walk/Run.
When you walk, the thoughts that have been luring your mind, are set free. The refreshing thoughts and ideas ignite. That's literally one thing you WANT to happen. So, Walk! Here's your motivation to Go For a Run

7) Detach from the Technology Bombardment.
Start with an hour, be away from it. Like, Really. Do an activity which involves you, not the technology.

8) Be thoroughly thoughtful about Parents.
Don't you ever yell on them. Talk to them. Even if you have a point, conflicting theory with them, sought it out by speaking and listening and speaking with them.

9) Do everything to have a healthy and athletic body for once in your life - and maintain it.
Health is like this super power which everybody can attain but many fail to realize. That tempting feeling of YOLO at a snack shop can really be digested. Don't fall for it.

10) Mindfulness
Meditation is not for the old and retards. Prayer has the highest power to reform. Here are some Reasons to Meditate

11) Take up an aspect of work which empowers someone.
Because when they say, 'You better our lives', everything else seems tiny.

12) Reading and Friends
Both are equally important to obtain huge learning. So, get in the habit to have reading quality and quality friends.

13) Effort and Effortlessness.
Always put in 110% effort to accomplish satisfaction each day. Do it everyday until 110% effort comes to you as effortlessness.

Some of you may connect to these while others may have thoughts of your own to add to this list. Tell us, it'll only get better. Or if your ideas conflict with our points, let us know them too.