All that shimmers, all that is rusted,
All that brilliance, all that seems bookish,
All those courtesy actions that go unnoticed,
All the uncanny attitude that sweeps attention,
All this and more crooked life,
Is All that flickers.

The force in you that wants to deliver,
That sort of seizure that acts as clippers,
The drive to improvise better,
but the taboos to cling to normal,
The utmost love to express to same sex
But the judgmental society that makes you linger,
Is All that flickers.

The carefree attitude to let go of all,
But the night tears that speak volumes in heart,
The promise to take care forever,
One miscommunication and the shake of relationship ladder,
The hand that was once used to shower blessing,
When was raised to instill societal basics,
All this makes way for insubstantial beliefs
Its, All that flickers.

That sunday anticipation to leisure with family,
That sunday to greet, engage and talk with relatives,
That sunday pleasure to hang out with friends,
Is now a Sunday to sleep over on every sentiment hurt.
Is All that flickers.

The negate in thought process,
The sometimes longing, sometimes refusal to interact,
The pain behind cancelled plans,
The values that fades,
To the cunning that overtakes,
The social pressure that invades,
The quickstart of morning Run,
To the mobile app that prompts heartrate alerts,
The love-hate friends of school,
The crush of college,
The politics in office,
The sweet heart of first sight,
To the swipe right of that social site,
The yell on best friend for not telling first,
To the Congratulations on wedding with a text and heart burst,
The fitness of people and dumbness of technology,
The smartness of technology and the fat asses of people,
The love, care without any motive,
The sexual abuse that anyone faces,
All this and more,
accounts to what was and what is.
It's beginning and its gone,
It's All,
All that flickers.

What else is a Flicker that you know or have experienced?