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Do THAT One Thing You WANT To.

Divya NandaDivya Nanda

What did you not do perfect,
Which mistake was pointed right at your face,
When did they judge you for your shortcomings,
When were you blamed as the root of all mishaps,
Who all were a part of this porn scenic of your abilities?

All your contribution may go unaccounted,
Your sense of belonging may fade away,
The sincerity with which you wanted to deliver,
A corner case you missed, when turned against you,
May seem to deplete the resource you are,
May force to take a step back, ponder.
Ponder on what all you gave - was it all worth
Did the sleepless efforts just go in vain?
Did they lose belief of work in you?
More importantly,
Does it makes you lose belief in you?

Out of all the rough cords that seem so close,
Out of all the emotions that turn you against them and yourself,
Out of all the thoughts that belittle you,
Break the routine.
Don't argue back,
Don't go home,
Don't expect pity,
Don't take it hard,
Don't let it go,
Do THAT One Thing You WANT To.

Not all will value your staybacks,
Not all will think twice to point fingers,
Rarely, will somehow try to settle with your reasons,
For all the wonder you believe there is in the world,
You will be isolated in a time lapse.

Difficult is all there is,
If Acceptance seems bitter than any other prospect,
Then chuck that too.
Break the routine.
Don't argue back,
Don't go home,
Don't expect pity,
Don't take it hard,
Don't let it go.
Do THAT one thing you WANT To.

Go long drive.
Listen Your playlist at the loudest.
Stop at a cafe.
Have the lavish latte.
Book a 5 star room alone.
Take the business class solo.
Get on to YOUR list.
Do it.

Get away from everyone who takes you as a misfit.
Maybe you are the awesomely cracked one.
Re Imagine your state of mind.
Do Yourself a favor.

    **Do THAT one thing you WANT To.**
Divya Nanda

Divya Nanda