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Don't review the year

It's okay if you had an amazing one or a silly one.

It's okay if you had some first time experiences
or you had the same routine.
It's okay if you fell in love or got out of it.
It's okay if you started a new venture
or are still awaiting resources for it.
It's okay if you found a new best friend
or if you cut lose some relations.
It's okay if you earned a fortune
or the financial conditions still suck.
It's okay if you became fitter
or if you put up some weight.
It's okay if you realized that good exists
or if sour aspects left a larger trail.
It's okay if you contributed to a social cause
or kept isolated from the responsibility.
It's okay if you found a blessing in disguise
or you felt luck never favoured you.

It's okay if you believe you had one great year
or if this year was truly your worst.

What it really boils down to, is,
If you felt a moment of bliss
If you found a state of mind
where your world was made of your spirit
where you felt thankful for your body
where you expressed purity of thoughts
it was Pretty Happy Year.
And in that case,
you don't need to review your year!