He wasn't tailor made for it,
He refused to adapt to it.
She wasn't tailor made for it,
She adapted and excelled in it.

He showed power at every instant and conceited it,
She controlled the situation at every instant and embraced it.
He was reluctant so demanded otherwise,
She was wise and adjusted in every premise.

He believed he could sway the world and so he did.
She knew she could too, but resented the idea and listened to each one.
His boundaries were set, broken and reset,
For her, it was forever a line of fire and blissfully she comprehend.

Matters of rule, kingdom and staff,
He cherished and achieved and smirked the other half,
She too gained a lot : In jewel and power and stature,
But she, happily surpassed.

His knights and queens were also embellished,
For her, priority were the common subjects and people of all regards.
In his terrain, he did take charge and summoned to make justice.
For herself, she did not wait to get a 'title' and made peace at all fronts.

The men then, the men now,
The women then, the women now,
Have reflected actions of thrust, power, serenity and applaud.
They have been different, been perceived as different,
They have been similar, but never perceived such.

What is the algebra? What is the equation?
Why have we labelled the images of gender with different resolutions?
Why have we been at fault to recognise gender as a paradigm to judge?
Where is the defining substance for a man and a woman?
Where lies the hand that could cradle for the baby and rock the world? - In a woman only?
Where lies the mind that persists each day to earn luxury for the child ? - In a man only?

No, The roles shouldn't be defined.
The ideologies aren't perfectly crafted.
The homemaker is not the woman.
The professional is not the man.

The lady invades, the lady persuades.
The girl behaves, she has the right to vote in her say.
The wife obliges, at times of need, she must press charges charges.
The daughter has friends of opposite gender, she shouldn't be levied names or presumed of less character.
The daughter has close bonds with same gender, she shouldn't be unapproved of her choice as it is a natural phenomenon.
The work ethic is immense in her, the home and family foundation is inherent in her,
She has the moral and the smartness, don't give her wings - She shouldn't need them from the society.
Don't hold an impression of her,
Let her carve a world of new acts, new possibilities, new rejections too.
For she will face, learn strong and stand back up again.
Let her be a new her everyday, an unbiased and un-tagged her.

The man invades, the man persuades.
The boy holds strong opinion which must be introspected too,
For, his say shouldn't be dominant but validated for all cases.
The husband has the right toward his wife, but not the right over his wife.
The son has friends of opposite gender, he shouldn't be levied names or presumed of less character.
The son has close bonds with same gender, he shouldn't be unapproved of her choice as it is a natural phenomenon.
He may like to be a homemaker and relinquish the acclaimed professional prowess,
He must be encouraged to pursue his heart for it isn't a crime to do.
Don't hold an impression of him.
Let him be a different him, Let his prospects be defining for him.
Don't presume him as power, don't presume him as weak.
He is a person in the making, Let him be the best at it.

Gender in Mythology is transparent,
Gender in Mythology is crooked,
Gender in Mythology is biased,
Gender in Mythology is believed as it is exclaimed with varied opinions,
Out of every belief that we intake,
Gender is Mythology needs to be debated.

For each of your perspective,
I have a counter directive.
For each of my standpoint, you may have a stronger anti point.
As much as we speak and listen,
The solutions of an ultimate outlook will be devised.
The solutions to tackle the myths and practicality of gender in Mythology.
We need them to refine the present and future of our times.

Let's remove the darkness and reveal the escape,
So the gender is not seen as a medium of pass and fail.
Different body, different mind , different heart and feelings,
They should all be respected
The soul is same.