There are many reasons and many a times, we are hit with something so strong that it weakens us so much. We are shattered with aspects of Life which are not in our control and the only solution is to move on in life. There's only one catch, Moving On seems the hardest battle with oneself.

So what steps can one follow to combat this rather seemingly hard road? Read on...

Don't resist the thoughts:
If we keep telling ourselves not to think about 'it', the thoughts will only daunt us more and more. Initially, the thoughts, memories and pain will lure your mind, there's is no switch Off button in the brain. But there is a an emotional quotient and there are ways to stabilize that. Accepting that the process to completely Move On will take time and the conviction that You will move on are the starters that ignite the Emotional Quotient.

Don't look for happiness outside:
Happiness and You go hand in hand. Knowing this and having the weapon of happiness is a great booster to move on. Have a look here to know how Happiness is connected to you, with you, forever.

Cherish the Lesson:
For whatever it is that you are trying to let go of, accept it, it taught you a lesson. Pleasant or hurtful, you were in a frame of life that was to be a perfect example of 'History taught me'. This kind of history is powerful because it actually makes sense in your present and future decisions, unlike Mohan Jodara harappa.

Walk the longest miles:
Go for daily walks. There is such great healing power in this process that you will be amazed by the results. You may start by ragging, get your head heavy by continuous thoughts but the longer you walk, your mind will begin to give you clear indications of a hollow and empty body that you possess and that it needs no conditional attachment, It only needs self awareness.

Remember your last biggest hurdle:
And how you tackled it. The last problem you had was the biggest you had. Everything seemed so messed up. After a while, not so much. You got over and it felt as a sweet kick to grow up. This phase is the same. So, don't heat it up. You will come out shiny.

If you don't turn the page, it gets really boring:
How long? How long can you sit cribbing and whining over the past? If you made a big mistake or someone did the worst to you, either case, You have to look ahead and take action. A paused state gives you room to ponder, not to do anything fruitful. Cry, grief and sob. But not too much babe, You got to turn the page, You got to.

Need another Lover?
Be that Lover. From both the sides. Tricky? I mean, You love yourself mate! Everything that you committed to do for another person, do it all for yourself. Be a better person for yourself. Be an inspiration for yourself. Be a fan of yourself. Seriously, it's not unreal.

The "I am a victim":
Get over this. Right now. This psychology of Oh I got hurt Oh I failed Oh I messed up Oh Why always me Oh I am a victim is super stupid. There's no greater self disgrace than pitying yourself. It is such an act which only drifts you to oceans of gloominess, frustration and illness. And who wants that? Eeekos.. don't do it.

Care for the people who care for you:
You may be in the miserable situation but believe it or not, there is someone, there are some people who are even more sad and in pain to see you like this.
They want to make everything alright for you, And really, if you give them a chance, They will. So, please, don't stay in an isolated scope. They will fight for you, they will make peace for you, they will help you. And you need it to move on. Don't deny this.

To sum it all up, I've found a fantastic quote:

It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure. - Ernie Harwell.

These are a few lines, following which, we believe a person can really move on in life. Think you can give a shot at these too when bogged down? Or let us know what you would do to bounce back in life. We'd be glad to know your thoughts and if the article here helps.