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Stop Existing, Start Living

Divya NandaDivya Nanda

If you can't sleep at night thinking you are more
than that daily job,
It's high time,
you leave the bed,
pull out your notepads,
put your thoughts in action,
Very simply,
Stop Existing, Start Living!

If you like your daily job, but aren't the best you could be,
It's high time you learn exclusive skills,
Gain that exceptional expertise,
Perform with the highlight of knowledge and innovation,
You Continue for more,
Create more.
Very simply,
Stop Existing, Start Living!

If you have done well in the field you aspired to,
Earned the name and fame for your contribution,
It's high time you become an advocate of reform,
You share the learning,
You empower the masses,
In everything you have achieved,
Take a step further
and make legacy.
Very simply,
Stop Existing, Start Living!

If you are nothing and everything,
If you are out there, witnessing life and being,
You imagine your biggest nightmare,
Believe it has come true.
Whatever you are most afraid to lose,
Believe it is gone.
Absorb that hurt,
Embrace the pain,
For real.
Then, With the toughness of Jedi Master, Yoda,
If you can build up your entire life again,
You have learnt to,
Stop Existing, Start Living.

Divya Nanda

Divya Nanda