1. Waking up to something beautiful by your partner, everyday.

  2. The extra meal snack your Mom hides from everyone, for you.

  3. Appreciation and Criticism. - Both help us extremely to grow in life.

  4. When your friend knows you will forget to carry a document and he gets you a copy.

  5. When all your friends ask for a party on your achievement but your Dad just goes and gets a present for you.

  6. When your phone and account gets a top-up from your sibling before you ask them to.

  7. When people literally listen to you.

  8. Sleeping with a full stomach.

  9. A good night's sleep.

  10. The wind kissing your face and making you smile wide.

  11. In major parts of India, When you converse with someone in fluent English and your parents just glare at you, feeling One thousand percent proud.

  12. When someone hears all your anguish and pain.

  13. When someone really means when they say Let us know when you reach there. And after your text, even call you.

  14. Driving to a friend's, any time.

  15. The immense care behind the regular love and scolding.

  16. Having access and means for Education.

  17. The things people make for you rather than buy for you.

  18. The teacher's care in school.

  19. The laze of Sundays.

  20. Getting up before just before the alarm rings and cancelling it.

  21. Name starting with descending alphabetical series getting you late roll numbers.

  22. A cold shower and a hot coffee.

  23. Living with Grandparents.

  24. The memories that are not uploaded on social but stays in heart.

  25. The gift of trust and loyalty.

Among these, what all are your underrated pleasures in life? Or are there more to this list? Let us know. How would you like to value these pleasures?