By and Large, World is a good world.
By and Large, People are good people.
In last 20 odd days,
I've touch based 3 countries
Interacted with people of varying cultures from ample different countries.

The couple that addresses each other with utmost respect and love,
Who looked amazingly beautiful,
Their kid with glowing eyes,
The love they were unknowingly sharing,
A brief talk with the pretty lady in the lounge and I reckoned
They were from Pakistan, going to their hometown Lahore.
Such innocence and blossom!

The rough guy sitting next in the flight seat,
Who was travelling to countries to score clients for his B2B startup,
His story and attitude was to embrace,
For he was from Bangalore, it made me see the old city tale's in reality.
Such hard work and dreams!

The calmness of people,
The sheer patience to wait in queue for their turn,
And politeness even when they are the boss and 'order',
Such are the Indonesian people in all their all kinds of work.
Such humble mind abode!

Hospitality in providing you all kinds of comfort,
That you did not pay for,
Offering more with a lucid heart,
The SriLankan people take care of it all!

The experience of places and riches.
So, mine was a business trip, but,
A little pleasure only adds to You being You'er!
So I went ahead to islands of Bali and riches of business class.
And that, was an experience to remember.
It's all so beautiful so serene so large and so gripping,
That you may just take a toll!
It's such a roll!

The little act of cab drivers in the new country who take care of you,
The hotel housekeeping staff who leave little notes to welcome you,
The people you happen to see daily, becoming friends,
An evening of hangout with strange locals,
It's all new,
It's all large,
Its all overwhelming,
It is what it is,
It is overwhelmingly magnificent.

The old man seemingly pondering over life at the airport,
When struck a conversation,
Blesses you first and then talks nonstop,
Exclaims his life's learning to you,
Guides you and then transits to his next destination,
Kuala Lampur elderly like this!

The fitness, Oh The Fitness religion that people follow,
They don't say,
But you hear volumes by just being in some proximity with them.
Such are the diverse people, where nationalities don't take badge,
Ideologies subside,
They are doing their stuff in life,
And Health is a lifestyle of choice and belief.
Such inherent power !

So, you, you with me , like I should , like you should,
Make it happen. Somehow. Someplace.
Don't wait for people to pitch in or to join in,
You create ways, for you, Travel.

And, while you are on,
While you are travelling,
And if by luck and grace,
you are travelling Solo,
Live. Large.
Try things.
Roam anywhere.
You've got to be smart and strong. Duh.
Or you'll become. Don't worry.
Just do what you feel like. At the moment.
Be crazy.

Initialize travel with a purpose.
But don't restrict your travel to the purpose.
Travel little or far and interact short or long,
But do.
Do this.
This is amazing.
This is overwhelming.
This is a brand perspective.
This is magnificent.