You start somewhere, choose and get chosen somewhere, end up somewhere. We often don't realize how life changes in petty stuff too. Some peculiar situations which give us the indication of when our life changes :

  1. When you don't greet by Hello and disconnect by Bye.

    Yahaiyy you've earned a lifetime friend.

  2. When the morning hustle for Tatkal changes to Business Class.

    Yeah you've earned it.

  3. When you don't need an alarm to make you jump out of the bed.

    You totally love how you start your day!

  4. When you do acts of kindness and not post on social media.

    You are doing good, not for social preach.

  5. When you stop sharing everything with everyone.

    Maturity level 100 babe.

  6. When you stop checking mobile for notifications.

    You have found other Meaningful ways to enjoy life.

  7. When TTMM (Tu Tera Mai Mera) Contribution for restaurant bills changes to Oh Let Me Please.

    College to Corporate

  8. When you are 23/24 and someone addresses you uncle/aunty. 😒

    Intense time to hit the gym and eat healthy.

  9. Seeing your ex and giving one broad smile.

    Yep you moved on like a Buddha. Congrats!

  10. When you stop hearing gossip about everyone.

    Successfully realizing it's none of my business!

  11. When staying and traveling alone becomes fun too.

    Not the art of loneliness but the freedom and company of oneself!

  12. When instead of applying on job portals, you shortlist profiles on LinkedIn.

    You, Entrepreneur You!

  13. When TGIF(Thank God its Friday) super feeling is just about to end, TGIM(Thank God is Monday) pops you up even more.

    You are doing what you love.

  14. When you begin to understand that the best remedy for anger is to delay it. Everything is achievable by Love.

    Love: 1+, Anger: 0

  15. When instead of crying for dolls, girls cry for guys.

    Girls grew up!

  16. When instead of teasing girls, he only teases his, her.


  17. When “I swear” changes to “I don’t swear Man”.

    Oh you seemingly guilty chap, Carry some innocence!

  18. When “Mom will remind Me” changes to set alarm: “Remind me to call Mom”.

    Thanks, Lifestyle!

  19. When “Life’s a Bitch” changes to “This shall also pass!”.

    Acceptance and Patience leveled up!

Could you relates to these aspects? It doesn't a badge to change life. We change it ourselves. We change, for better and life turns around and offers us better than the best!